3M 9322A FFP2 Particulate Respirator


The 3M 9300A+ series respirator sets a new standard for wearer comfort. Its advanced three-panel design and ultra-soft inner cover web allow the mask to conform comfortably to your face, accommodating facial movements without compromising the fit. Unlike traditional cup-shaped respirators, these are foldable, offering greater convenience. They feature a headband material that distributes strap pressure evenly.

This respirator also boasts low breathing resistance, thanks to 3M’s electret particulate filter material and advanced technology. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ valve effectively dissipates heat, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable experience while minimizing the risk of fogging eyewear.

Convenience is a key factor, as these respirators are flat-folded for easy storage and come individually packaged for hygiene. An innovative chin tab simplifies donning and adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit. An embossed top panel reduces eyewear fogging, and a sculpted nose panel conforms well to facial contours while maintaining a good field of vision. The collapse-resistant feature ensures a secure seal, even in hot, humid environments, thanks to the large soft nose foam and smooth inner cover web.

This product replaces the 3M™ Flat Fold Particulate Respirator 9322, P2, valved, offering enhanced comfort and functionality for your respiratory protection needs.


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