Eyewash with Arm Handle ESE 2802

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Category: Eye Wash

Part Code: ESE 2802

Emergency Shower

Features: Someone can immediately clear off when he is hurt by acid, causticity, industry solvent or corrosive product accidentally.

    • Product Surface: Acid proof and endure cauterization. Use 304 stainless steel pipe and all connects are made in brass, which can prevent rust inside.
    • Shower Nozzle: ?70 soft rubber protecting cup to avoid second hurt resulted by colliding eyes when in use. Meanwhile it can reduce the water pressure to avoid hurting eyes. There is connection between cup and dust-proof tray to avoid falling off.
    • Standard Water Pressure: Efficient water flow within 1 second after active.
    • Water Flow: Double eye wash >10L/Min. Shower head >80L/Min.


    • ANSI/ISEAZ358.1-2014


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