Karam PN 12 Full Body Harness D/L Big Hook, 900gm


  • Type: Full body harness
  • Lanyard length: D/L big hook
  • 2 chest attachment textile loops and a dorsal attachment D-ring
  • Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps
  • Shoulder and thigh-straps differentiated by a dual color scheme
  • Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort


  • Brand Name: Karam
  • Manufacturer Series Number: PN 12
  • Material: Nylon
  • Model Number: PN 12
  • Outlet Connection Type: G Connector
  • Part Number: PN 12
  • Specification Met: CE


  • Compliance: Conforms to EN 361:2002.


The Karam PN 12 Full Body Harness is designed for maximum safety and comfort. This full body harness is constructed from lightweight, durable materials and features adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit. The harness features an adjustable chest strap for easy and secure attachment, as well as a ventilated back panel for enhanced breathability. It also features a quickrelease buckle system for quick and easy removal. The Karam PN 12 Full Body Harness is the perfect choice for climbers, workers, and anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable, and safe harness.


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