Karam PN 247 Work Positioning Lanyard


  • Made up of 12mm dia for Kernmantle rope
  • Easy to connect Steel Karabiner PN 112 at both the ends for attachment
  • Equipped with lightweight Aluminum Blocker Rope-grab RG 07 adjuster for easy length adjustment.
  • Maximum length of 2.0mtr.
  • Optional: Also available with 30cm long protective sleeve.
  • Certifications: EN 358:1999 IS


Category: Industrial Safety

Brand: Karam

Model: PN247

Origin: India


Karam work positioning lanyard with grip adjuster comes to a maximum length of 2 m. Karam PN 247 fall protective equipment is the best which gives you maximum safety and security. The lanyard has an abrasion resistant thimble. It has a rope grip adjuster to adjust the length much to the convenience of the worker.

This Karam lanyard comes with a manual ring type adjuster of forged alloy steel for maximum durability and security. This lanyard is compatible with Karam PN112 at both ends. Karam offers a range of work positioning lanyards which can be used by the worker to position himself at a height in a safe and supported manner, and work with both hands free.


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