Karam PN 351 (2.0m) Energy Absorbing Forked Rope Lanyard


  • Made of 12 mm twisted polyamide rope with energy absorber PN 300.
  • Y shaped, double leg twisted rope lanyard.
  • Rope ends spliced and covered with polyethylene protective sleeve.
  • Abrasion resistant thimbles provided inside loops.
  • One side equipped with Karabiner (PN-112) while other two lanyards equipped with PN-131.
  • Rope used comply to ISO 1140.
  • Green strand in the rope to indicate degradation of material.
  • Rope breaking strength min. 25kN.
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The Karam PN 351 (2.0m) Energy Absorbing Forked Rope Lanyard is a highperformance, lightweight, and costeffective personal fall protection solution. This lanyard is designed to provide increased safety to workers at height, by absorbing shock and reducing the arresting forces in the event of a fall. The highstrength polyamide rope lanyard is equipped with two steel screwlock carabiners and a rope adjuster, allowing the user to easily adjust the length of the lanyard to suit their needs.

The energy absorber is designed to limit the arresting forces to a safe value, and the lanyard is also designed to meet the requirements of EN355 and EN354. This lanyard is ideal for use in rope access, tower climbing, and other applications where a lightweight, safe, and costeffective fall protection solution is required.

The Karam PN 351 (2.0m) Energy Absorbing Forked Rope Lanyard is an essential piece of safety equipment for workers at height. It features a unique forked design that separates the rope into two parts to decrease the shock load in the event of a fall. It also has an energy absorber that reduces the fall arrest force to below 6 kN, protecting the worker from potentially lifethreatening injuries.

The lanyard is made from durable, highstrength polyamide rope, and is 2.0m in length, providing an adequate working area for the user. It comes with a doubleaction steel snap hook for secure connections to the harness, and is CE certified to EN 355:2002. With its robust construction and superior safety features, the Karam PN 351 (2.0m) Energy Absorbing Forked Rope Lanyard is an ideal choice for working at height.


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