Naffco Fire Doors

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NAFFCO offers a range of steel doors that seamlessly blend fire resistance and practicality, ensuring uncompromised performance in both aspects. Our steel doors effectively curtail the spread of fire, ensuring safe exit routes while also delivering top-notch compartmentalization. Each of our doors is expertly installed within robust steel door frames, elevating the overall protective capability. These doors are widely favored across various building types today, providing a secure and comfortable living environment along with effortless mobility. NAFFCO stands out as the unparalleled provider of such exceptional steel door solutions, setting us apart from other manufacturers in the industry.


Custom dimensions are readily accessible (Feel free to reach out to our Technical Team for details on maximum sizes for fire-rated door sets).


Our doors offer fire resistance for up to 120 minutes.


If desired, we offer optional vision panels (For specifics on the maximum sizes available for fire-rated vision panels, please contact our Technical Team).


We also provide optional automatic louvers for fire-rated doors. For information on maximum sizes and integration possibilities, please consult our Technical Team.


We offer a wide array of handing options tailored to your specific fire-rated steel door requirements.


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