Naffco Foam Suppression System

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NAFFCO Pre-piped Bladder Tank is a complete self-contained proportioning system consisting of a bladder tank, ratio controller, and assembled piping. It is designed to inject foam concentrate into the water supply of a fire protection system and automatically proportions over a wide range of flow and pressures without the use of an external power supply.

  • Require less space than foam pump skid
  • Designed for maximum agent discharge
  • Permanently welded lifting lugs for easy tank movement and positioning
  • Tanks are Externally Red enamel coated and
  • Internally Coal tar Epoxy coated.
Tank Shell Carbon Steel, SA 516 Gr.70.
Bladder Vinyl Based Polymer
Pressure Relief Valve
Brass Construction with Set
Pressure @ 15 bar
Internal Piping Perforated PVC, sch. 80.
Flanges ASTM A105, Class 150
Water Pipe Carbon Steel. sch. 40.
Foam Pipes Stainless Steel. sch. 40.
Vent/Drain/NRV Valves Brass/Bronze
Sight Glass Valve Sight Gauge with Shut Off &
Drain Valve
Painting External Zinc Rich Primer with Red
Enamel Finish
Painting Internal Zinc Rich Primer with Coal Tar
Epoxy Paint


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