Notifier LCM-320 LEM-320 Loop Control Module


  • Up to 12,500 feet (3,810 m) on a Class B (Style 4) SLC loop (twisted-unshielded)
  • Built-in degraded mode increases survivability
  • Very simple installation — plug-in style
  • Permits multiple loops in small enclosure


The Notifier LCM320 LEM320 Loop Control Module is the perfect solution for all your fire alarm control needs. This advanced module provides a host of features for intelligent fire alarm control. Its advanced features allow for easy integration into existing systems, as well as reliable monitoring of smoke and heat detectors, manual call points, and other input devices.

The LCM-320 Loop Control Module and the LEM-320 Loop Expander Module provides NOTIFIER’s ONYX® NFS2-640 and NFS2-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panels with additional Signaling Line Circuits.

The module also offers a range of notification options, including visual and audio alarms, as well as versatile control outputs to activate extinguishing systems. With its intuitive user interface, the LCM320 LEM320 is easy to install and operate, making it the ideal choice for any fire alarm project.


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