Reliable Safety REG-FF-SS-2023 Firefighting Suit EN APPROVED


Fire Suit Specifications:

Fabric OZ NOMEX III ARAMID COAT, 93% Meta aramid, 5% Para aramid, 2% Antistatic Twill weave, weight 210g/m2, with water repellent finish.
Standard EN469
Color Dark Navy, Yellow, Red and Customized
Moisture Barrier AquaerotekTM, made of aramid fiber spunlace substrate laminated with flame and heat resistant PTFE membrane, 110g/m2. The functional membrane is laminated with the substrate after special stretching process to become mircroporus and
Thermal Barrier Weight 250g/m2, made of meta aramid and para aramid spunlace material, with a comfort face cloth made of aramid and flame resistant cellulous fiber. Flame resistant and heat insulating.
Packing info Packing info 4 set/ carton G.W 15.5kg/carton Carton Size: 65*38*40cm


Fire Helmet Specifications:

Material lightweight Nylon reinforced composite shell and Aramidstrap and helmet cover
Structure Outer shell, face shield, Amice, Adjustable head band, Retardant lace
Standard EN443
Color Yellow/Red
Packing info 10 pcs/ carton G.W 16kg/carton Carton Size : 100*65*37cm

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