Reliable Safety ROS-U39B-C Motion detector

  • 24 V AC/DC supply voltage
  • Potential-free, change-over relay
  • Individually settable ON- and OFF-delays
  • 360° detection
  • For ceiling mounting
  • Unobtrusive design


ROS-U39B-C is a 360° motion detector for automatic ventilation control of HVAC systems. It uses infrared light. The detector has a potential-free change-over relay for activation/deactivation of for instance a fan- coil controller. It saves money and gives higher comfort in premises requiring forced ventilation for shorter periods of time, such as conference rooms, assembly- halls etc. The unit can be ceiling mounted, providing a 360° detection pattern with a maximum range of 10.5m

Please click to download the product catalogue: ROS-U39B-C DATASHEET


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