Reliable Safety RS-FAS-10235 Aluminized Fire Suit


The Reliable Safety Aluminized Fire Suit consists of a Hood, Coat, Gloves, pants, and boots. fire proximity suit made of Aluminized Z-flex® Para-aramid blend ripstop knit fabric which is texturized silica glass yarn that is twice as steel wire of the same diameter with approval of EN & NFPA.

Technical specification:

The outer layer of the fire proximity suit is constructed from aluminized Z-Flex® Para-aramid blend rip-stop knit fabric to reflect 90% of radiant heat Construction of proximity suit includes: Aluminized Z-Flex® Para-aramid blend rip-stop knit fabric outer shell, Z-Sil®, aluminized vapor barrier, ZetexPlus®, Heat resistant thermal barrier, flame-resistant cotton lining insulation layers provide maximum protection from heat and fire. Highly insulated boot sole provides protection from hot floors. The complete set includes a Hood, Coat, Pants, Gloves, and Boot

A. Hood: Designed for use fireman Helmet with a visor for protection.

B. Coat: Double storm fly front. Flame seal with drawstring at coat bottom.

C. Pants: High waist with 2” wide adjustable suspenders and adjustment straps on leg bottoms.

D. Boots: Designed to wear with a comfortable fit with a heavy-duty sole

E. Gloves: Heavy construction; made with Aluminized Z-Flex® Para-aramid blend rip-stop knit fabric.

Temperature Rating:

Short-duration ambient heat of 1500°F (815°C) Total flame of 2000°F (1093°C) Radiant heat to 3000°F (1650°C) Ambient heat is the equilibrium temperature in an area. Total flame is the direct contact temperature of a heat source. Radiant heat is given off by a heat source in proximity. Duration varies depending on the amount of conductive heat transferred during the operation.

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