Reliable Safety RS3000F All-in-One Wall mounted Gas Detector

  • Detects multiple gases
  • Real-time monitoring with instant alerts
  • User-friendly and easy to install


RS3000F All-in-one wall-mounted gas detector is designed to monitor the gas leakage in the working environment continuously by adopting imported catalytic combustion, electrochemical, or infrared gas sensors. The alarm controller has excellent sensibility, quite good accuracy, linearity, and receptivity; Big English LCD displays the real-time concentration of the leakage gas.

With 2 relay outputs, once the concentration exceeds the preset alarm point (threshold) it will start the acoustic-optical alarm and it can drive the external equipment like exhaust fans; Through 4-20mA signal output, it can be directly connected to the factory DCS system, through RS4845 signal output, it can be connected with factory’s principle computer.

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