Spill Master Chemical Spill Kit SCSK 20


  • Contains all the necessary components to safely and effectively clean up a chemical spill.
  • Chemicalresistant absorbents and pads quickly absorb and contain liquids and oils.
  • Includes a pair of nitrile gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask for the user‘s safety.
  • Portable and lightweight for easy transport and storage.
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals and corrosive liquids.


    • Round Drum (Size: 22″DIA X 30″H) – 1 pc
    • Absorbent Pads L/ sheets (Size: 38X48CM / 15″x19″) Absorbency: 0.6 Ltr. – 40 sheets
    • Absorbent Pillows (Size: 20x30CM / 8″x12″) Absorbency: 2.5 litres. – 8 pillows
    • Absorbent Socks (Size: 8CMX1.2Mtr / 3″x 4 Ft.) Absorbency: 6.5 litres – 4 socks
    • Disposable Bag – 1 pc
    • Gloves – 1 pair
    • Goggles – 1 pc


Category: Chemical Spill Kit

Part Code: SCSK 20

20 Gallon Portable Chemical Spill Kit

Make sure you‘re prepared for any chemical spill with the Spill Master Chemical Spill Kit SCSK 20. This kit is designed to contain and absorb up to 20 liters of spilled liquids, including acids, bases and solvents. The kit comes with a 20-liter polyethylene overpack drum, two 20-liter absorbent pads, two 20-liter absorbent socks, two 2.5 kg bags of absorbent powder. Also, a pair of safety goggles, a pair of nitrile gloves, a dustpan and brush, a scoop and scraper, a plastic disposable apron, and an instructional manual for easy reference.

Moreover, this kit is ideal for laboratories, workshops, and other areas where chemical spills are a possibility. With the Spill Master Chemical Spill Kit SCSK 20, you can be sure that you are prepared for any chemical spill.

Benefits of having chemical spill kit in your business:

1. Improved Safety: Having a chemical spill kit in your business can help prevent potential accidents and injuries caused by hazardous chemicals. It provides the necessary tools and materials to contain and clean up spills, reducing the risk of dangerous exposure.

2. Cost Savings: Having a chemical spill kit on hand can save your business money in the long run. A spill kit can help you avoid the costs associated with hazardous material cleanup and disposal, as well as potential fines or legal fees if environmental regulations are not met.

3. Environmental Protection: Chemical spill kits help protect the environment by containing and cleaning up spills quickly and efficiently, preventing them from spreading into waterways or otherwise polluting the environment.

4. Peace of Mind: Having a chemical spill kit in your business gives you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for a spill, should one occur. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

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