Spill Master Oil Spill Kit SOSK20


  • Contains items to help manage small to medium oil spills.
  • Absorbent pads included to help soak up any spilled oil.
  • Includes a scoop, scourer and waste bag to help with the cleanup process.
  • Includes a chemical absorbent that can be used to help manage chemical spills.
  • Easy to store and transport due to its compact size.
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20 Gallon Portable Chemical Spill Kit


    • Round Drum (Size: 22″DIA X 30″H) – 1 pc
    • Absorbent Pads L/ sheets (Size: 38X48CM / 15″x19″) Absorbency: 0.6 Ltr. – 40 sheets
    • Absorbent Pillows (Size: 20x30CM / 8″x12″) Absorbency: 2.5 litres. – 8 pillows
    • Absorbent Socks (Size: 8CMX1.2Mtr / 3″x 4 Ft.) Absorbency: 6.5 litres – 4 socks
    • Disposable Bag – 1 pc
    • Gloves – 1 pair
    • Goggles – 1 pc


The Spill Master Oil Spill Kit SOSK20 is the perfect solution for your oil spill needs. This kit includes a variety of absorbent materials, including pads, socks, and booms to quickly and efficiently contain and absorb spills. The kit also includes a disposal bag for easy and proper disposal of the used absorbents, as well as gloves, goggles, and a scoop to help you stay safe and clean while cleaning up the spill. With the Spill Master Oil Spill Kit SOSK20, you can easily and quickly contain and clean up any spills, providing you with peace of mind and safety.

5 benefits of having Spill Master Oil Spill Kit SOSK20 in your business

  1. Convenient and ready-to-use: The Spill Master Oil Spill Kit SOSK20 is a preassembled bundle of essential items, such as absorbent pads, booms, and other cleanup materials, which are conveniently packaged and ready to use.
  2. Comprehensive: The contents of this kit can help effectively manage and contain a wide range of oil spills of various sizes.
  3. Cost-effective: The Spill Master Oil Spill Kit SOSK20 offers a comprehensive solution at an economical price, allowing businesses to save significantly on cleaning and containment costs.
  4. Environmentally friendly: The materials used in the kit are all biodegradable, meaning they are safe for the environment and will not contribute to any further damage.
  5. Easy to store: The compact design of the kit makes it easy to store and transport, allowing businesses to keep it close at hand for immediate use in the case of a spill.

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