Coverall REG-FRC-1215 Work Uniform


Part Code: REG-FRC-1215

93% meta aramid 5% para aramid 2% anti static fabric Technical Data  Sheet
Description Standards/Test Method Test Results
Weight(g/m2) ISO 3801 150GSM ±5
Yarn Count ISO 2060 Warp:40S/2
Density ISO 7211-2 Warp:67
Dimensional Change ISO 5077:2007/  ISO 6330:2012 ≤3%
Limited flame spread ISO EN11612/
ISO 15025:2000
No flaming to edge
No holing formation
No  flaming or molten debris
Tear strength ISO13937-1 Warp:35N
Tensile strength ISO 13934-1 Warp:700N
Weft: 600N
Colorfastness to washing ISO 105-C06 3-4
Colorfastness to crocking ISO 105-X12 Dry: 3-4
Wet: 3-4
Colorfastness to light ISO 105-B02 3-4
Abrasion: Martindale ISO 12947-2 ≥20000
Shielding Factor BS EN 1149-3:2004 Method 2 greater than 0.2
Half Decay Time BS EN 1149-3:2004 Method 2 less than 4 seconds
Surface Resistance BS EN 1149-1:2006 less than 2.5*109Ω
Heat Transfer Evaluation ASTM F2700-08(2013) BY NFPA 2112:2018 Spaced HTP Rating less than 25 J/cm2
Contact HTP rating less than 12.6 J/cm2
Flame Resistance ASTM D6413 BY NFPA 2112:2018 No flaming or molten debris
char length ≤100mm
Heat Resistance ASTM-F2894 BY NFPA 2112:2018 No layer ignite
No layer melt or drip
No layer separate
No layer shrinks more than 10%



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