Dwyer Series DX Differential Pressure Switch


The Series DX is a highly reliable and versatile differential pressure switch that triggers a contact output based on the difference between two pressure sources. It is suitable for use with most gases and water-based solutions, thanks to its brass and fluoroelastomer wetted materials. This switch is capable of indicating low differential pressure, with a set point for a decrease in pressure as low as 1 psi (0.07 bar).

The Series DX offers a range of differential set points, including 2.5 to 75 psi (0.17 to 5.17 bar) on increasing differential pressure and 1.0 to 67 psi (0.07 to 4.62 bar) on decreasing differential pressure. It has a high static pressure rating of 200 psi (13.8 bar), making it suitable for applications with higher static pressures. The switch comes with a weatherproof, UL type 4X enclosure, designed for installation in dust-laden, outdoor, or wash-down environments.

Installation and adjustment of the Series DX are quick and easy, thanks to its externally adjustable set point, integral mounting flange, and removable electrical terminal block. The switch utilizes opposing diaphragms to sense high and low pressures, and a pivot mechanism transfers the pressure difference to the SPDT switch.

The Series DX finds applications in various scenarios, such as indicating filter differential pressure, initiating water filter backwash based on increasing differential pressure, monitoring differential pressure from a sensing device for proof of flow indication (e.g., across an orifice plate), ensuring proper flow through pumps to prevent running dry, monitoring chiller pressure drop (evaporator water), and acting as a condenser water lock-out switch in heat pumps or AC units.

Choose the Series DX differential pressure switch for reliable and accurate monitoring of pressure differentials in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.


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