Honeywell ComfortPoint Open CPO-PC400 Plant Controller


  • CPO-PC400 is designed for a wide variety of complex
    applications. This device features numerous RS485
    communication interfaces, two standard Ethernet
    interfaces, an MMI interface, and two USB interfaces.
  • Certifications: ISO 16484-5, EN-1434-3 and EN-13757-3
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Hardware Specifications

FRAM 768 Kbyte
DDR3L 1 Gbyte
EMMC 4 Gbyte
CPU Dual core: Arm Cortex-A9
Frequency: 800 MHz
Arm Cortex-M4 Frequency:
Operating System LINUX/RTOS
Real-Time Clock Timekeeping Accuracy +/- 5 ppm: +/- 2.63 minutes per year (+/- 0.43 seconds per day)
Real-Time Clock
Buffered for 72 hours by gold


The Honeywell ComfortPoint Open CPO-PC400 Plant Controller is a powerful and reliable control system designed to provide advanced control and monitoring capabilities for HVAC, lighting, and other building systems. With its flexible architecture and extensive range of features, the CPO-PC400 is an ideal solution for building automation and energy management applications.

The CPO-PC400 is built on the latest technology platform and features a high-performance processor, advanced communication capabilities, and extensive I/O options. It supports open protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of devices and systems. The controller is also scalable, allowing it to support small to large applications, making it a cost-effective solution for a wide range of building types.

The CPO-PC400 is easy to install and set up, thanks to its intuitive web-based configuration tool. This tool provides a graphical interface that simplifies the configuration process and allows users to monitor and control their building systems from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition to its advanced control and monitoring capabilities, the CPO-PC400 also provides comprehensive data analysis and reporting features. These features enable users to track and analyze energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and optimize building performance to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.

Overall, the Honeywell ComfortPoint Open CPO-PC400 Plant Controller is a versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use control system that offers a range of powerful features and benefits for building automation and energy management applications.

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