Honeywell CPO-RL5 Room Controller

The CPO-RL5 room controller provides flexible, configurable, demand-led control that delivers tangible benefits to reduce energy spends and drives new levels of functionality and efficiency in today’s buildings. With scalable and freely programmable BACnet MS/TP-based room controllers, smart engineering & commissioning tools, and SYLK technology, multiple and flexible configurations can be achieved to address specific applications.

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Hardware inputs
• measurement of temperature, relative humidity, pressure etc.
• contact status from occupancy sensors, window switches, condensation contacts etc.
Hardware outputs
• relays (N.O.)
• triacs (24/230Vac)
Bus system description
• BACnet MS/TP communication between controllers
• Sylk bus to Honeywell sensors TR40/TR42
• RJ45 connector for BACnet WiFi adapter
• DIN rail
• in cabinets
• fuse boxes
• on walls
Protection class
IP20 (IP30 with optional terminal cover)


Honeywell CPO-RL5 room controller features the following communication interfaces:
▪ A Sylk Bus interface for connection to TR40x/42x Wall Modules
▪ A BACnet MS/TP interface
▪ An RJ45 connector for connection of the BACnet WiFi Adapter.

• Designed to control terminal units such as 2- and 4-pipe fan coil units, chilled ceilings, hydronic, air quality control, and a mix of these applications.
• For complex applications requiring high I/O count.
• Both configurable and freely programmable, covering enhanced applications.
• Support for 1-3 stage fans, variable fan speed drives (VSDs), thermal, floating, and proportional actuators.
• Dual-loop support allows for 2-room application.
• Auto Mac-addressing.
• Fast commissioning using plug-and-play solutions, predefined applications and state-of-the-art commissioning via the RoomUp mobile application – eliminating the need for two people when commissioning.
• Reduced number of sensors because sensors are shared across different applications.
• BACnet BTL®-Listed as Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) rev 1.12.
• Two housing dimensions and several different I/O versions to match your individual needs.
• 24 VAC and 230 VAC versions.
• Universal mounting options, including terminal covers and color-coded terminals.
• The 230 VAC models feature 24 VAC aux. output voltage, allowing direct connection and powering of field devices.
• Two-wire polarity-insensitive bus interface to connect to Honeywell Sylk wall modules.
• All models with real-time clock. RL4, RL5, RL6, and RL7U with super capacitor for 72-hr data retention.


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