Eye Wash EPEW 9015ST


  • Self-contained 9-gallon gravity flow eyewash unit
  • Uses gravity to deliver water through dual spray heads.
  • Delivers over six gallons (22.5liters) of water for fifteen minutes
  • Ideal for remote plant areas, low traffic and/or low hazard areas.
  • Certifications: EN 15154-4:2009, AS 4775-2007, ANSI Z358.1-2014


Material: Non-toxic PE with casting forming

Capacity: 9 gallon (34 liters)

Color: Bright green

Flow: It can offer more than 15 minutes of continual flow

Package: Carton size is 57 x 29 x 40 cm

1 set per export carton

W.: 5 kg N.W.: 4.5 kg


The Eye Wash EPEW 9015ST is an essential piece of medical equipment for use in any industrial setting. This eye wash station is designed to provide a safe and effective way to flush out the eyes of any person who has been exposed to hazardous materials. This eye wash station is constructed with a stainless-steel frame and a clear plastic basin that is easy to clean and maintain.

The ergonomic design of the eye wash station allows for easy access and use in any environment. The builtin safety features ensure that the user is safe and comfortable while using the eye wash station. The EPEW 9015ST is the perfect solution for any industrial setting that requires the best eye wash station available.


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