Karam PN 3000 Horizontal Anchorage Life Line


  • Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline made up of 30mm Polyester Webbing equipped with the KARAM Ratchet Tensioner
  • A bag that enables the user to easily carry the system
  • Once fitted, you can easily put back the extra webbing not deployed along the length, into the Bag.
  • Available Length- Total 20m
  • Both the ends are provided with Auto Locking Steel Carabiners (PN 113).
  • Tested & certified for 2 Users simultaneously.
  • You can easily attach the Lanyard to the Lifeline using a Carabiner.
  • allows movement along the length while keeping you secured and safe at all times.
  • Certifications: EN 795:1996, Class B


Category: Industrial Safety

Brand: Karam

Model: PN3000

Origin: India

Breaking Strength: 15KN

Weight: 3.3 kg

Material: 30 mm X 20 m polyester webbing with the ratchet tensioner & auto locking two steel karabiner PN 113 at each end.


Karam Horizon PN 3000 Temporary Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline Made of 30mm polyester webbing Fitted with Ratchet tensioner Two ends fitted with auto-locking steel karabiners the Whole system supplied with a bag Total length available is 5m to 20m Lifeline can be attached to Lanyard by a Karabiner Benefits: Convenient to use User is kept safe and secure.

This Karam PN3000 Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline is a reliable and secure solution for any worker who needs to access difficult areas or heights. It is made of highgrade steel and features a singlepoint anchorage system with a builtin shock absorber. The shock absorber helps protect workers from the risk of falls while they are suspended in the air.

The Karam PN 3000 Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline is easy to install and comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to ensure a quick and safe setup. Additionally, its adjustable length allows for a custom fit for any user, making it a great choice for any job site.


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