Karam PN 652 Rescue Kit


  • Immediate Rescue equipment contained in the Kit enables immediate rescue of personnel when suspended at height after suffering a fall.
  • Different lengths of ropes are available as per the requirement.
  • Comes with an Easy Back Packable Carrying bag.
  • Conforms to all relevant CE norms.
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Package Contents:

    • Full Body Harness (PN 56)
    • Fall Arrester (PN 2000A)
    • Kernmantle Rope (PN 950K)
    • Grip Descender (PN 401)
    • Deluxe Universal Kit Bag (BG 20)
    • 2Pcs of 1.2mtr Anchorage Webbing Sling (PN 803)
    • 3Pcs of Karabiner (PN 112)
    • 14mm Anchorage Rope of 50mtr length (PN 950)
    • Knife
    • Forked Lanyard (PN 341)
    • Work Positioning Lanyard (PN 242)
    • 5mtr Cows Tail (PN 401A)


    • Conforms to EN 361.


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