Karam PN2000B Fall Arrester Energy Absorber


  • Detachable Rope Grab Fall Arrester with Energy Absorber.
  • PN 300 and Steel Karabiner PN 112 as an attachment element
  • Fail proof design ensures correct usage.
  • Arrests fall within very short fall distance.
  • Detachable – can be easily detachable anchorage line.
  • Has a double security locking system.


Category: Industrial Safety

Brand: Karam

Model: PN2000B

Origin: India

Material: Alloy Steel

Breaking Strength: 15KN

Rope Material: The rope grab is designed for polyamide twisted rope anchorage line (14 mm-16 mm dia) The rope grab


The Karam PN2000B Fall Arrester Energy Absorber is an essential piece of safety equipment for anyone working at height. Its innovative design features an energy absorber that arrests a fall, allowing for a controlled and safe descent. Its lightweight construction and adjustable length makes it easy to use and store, while the stainless steel and aluminum components ensure extreme durability.

The energy absorber is designed to absorb the energy of a fall and ensure maximum safety. It is ideal for use in industrial and construction sites, as well as other hazardous work environments. The Karam PN2000B Fall Arrester Energy Absorber is the perfect solution for anyone looking to ensure the safety of those working at height.


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